Hi there,

it’s been a while, since the last release of RPGBomber2009. And unfortunatly this is not an announcement of the current release. But it is a sneak preview of the current state.

I will also present some screenshots ;) And of course I will start with a little intro screen.

So this is no real surprise, but if you know the old version, there will be some, erm lets call it changes (and not surpise ;) ), in the version. First of all there will be a smarter main menu. Take a look:

On the right side is the user interface, where you have acces to the different features. The only currently implemented feature is the integrated map editor - called mEdit. Here is a screenshot, which shows how I load a already created map.

This allows us to create, modify and store thousands of maps. E.g.:

But what is a bomberman game without, erm … aaah a bomberman, bombs, explosions and all that stuff. Till I now I implemented a bomberman class, which moves perfectly in our world. It detects collision and can also drop bombs, which already explode:

So what to do next? Next step is, to implement, that an explosion hurts or kills the bomberman. ANd afterwards I will add a small mini game called time attack. But this is still s little secret. So stay tuned. The next release will come soon ;)