First of all: A happy new year to everyone!

But now to more important things: A new version of Natter has been released today! It is rather a bug-fix-version and in deed there is only one (!) bug fixed, however: A somehow important one. When playing with more than one human players it can happen that after a game multiple players are asked to enter their name, which is realized in the new version. In fact: There was only one line of code missing - a typical “I know I forgot something…” bug.

The new version is already available for Linux and as source. For those who want or need to compile the game themselves: There is also a new version of Langadia++ out, use it (however, the game might even work with the old one). The installer for Windows is still out-of-date, but hopefully a new version will be released soon.

I also want to mention, that now also a pre-compiled version for Linux 64bit systems is available!


The Windows version of the game has now also been updated to version