This is the very first release version of the Intelligent Playlist plugin for Amarok 2. Please download it via our Download Center.

Basically, this release already provides the following features:

  • Generation of continuous playlists based on an initial playlist. Changing of “mood” is possible by simply dropping other tracks into the playlist.
  • Attributes for similarity search are selectable from the configuration (so you can turn off what you don’t need). Every attribute can have its own weight, so you can prefer certain attributes above others.
  • Learning by evaluating feedback, currently feedback is possible via menu or gestures (currently, only “volume turned up” gesture is recognized).
  • Analyzer for initial training of the plugin.
  • Freely settable similar artists and genres: So you can mark artists and genres as similar. This will be used in the similarity search.
  • Possibility to evaluate Amarok’s labels to recognize similar tracks.
  • And certainly some more I forgot to mention…

Please note that this project is still in an early state. It might work for you - or not. Please report back any issues you encounter. Also, further suggestions are welcome.