as you can read in this post I started to play with PyQt lately. So I decided to do a little exercise, which includes to port one of my former games Connect 4 to PyQt.

I am doing pretty well so far and you can keep track by checking out the repository. After you downloaded the source run

python game.py

and make sure you use Python 2.7. It is far from perfect yet but still looks decent. However as far as I can tell by now, the development process is much easier and faster, even with all the TDD going on. I will add more features in order to make it at least as complex as the version written in C++. Eventually I will try to create binaries, which can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which is told to be not that easy.

After that I should be able to tell if PyQt is a valid option to make games/applications for a single developer. Of course I will blog about that too ;)