Despite I’m a few days late: Recently (more concrete, on the 1st of September) RPdev became 5 years old. Wow :)

So, what to say here? I don’t know exactly. Maybe what first comes to my mind are these words from a song by Porcupine Tree: Time flies.

Indeed, sometimes I just can’t remember what I’ve done the past 5 years. Is it really this long?

Sure it is. And - this also has to be said - as probably a lot (if not most) of other free time projects and groups we suffer from our member’s being not able to contribute as much as we’d like to do. There were some projects that had a lot of potential; there were a lot of ideas. But looking back, how many of them were we able to drive to completion?

Last but not least: What’s to come next? Recently, some life seems to come back to our island in the www. I hope it continues like that. To underline that a bit more, we also enabled a new design of our website (that at least happened just in time in the night of our birthday). Apart, we also have new projects going on. So, hopefully, in the future you’ll hear a bit more (and especially: more frequently) from us :)