A good day to everybody!

After we had fairly a lot of struggling the last days we now finally managed to build a working version of the upcoming version 0.0.2 of Natter for Windows. The new version will have some really interesting changes, despite the most important will probably not be seen be the most of you: Langadia++ (and with it Natter) now uses OpenGL for drawing! This allows us to integrate some interesting effects into Natter. One can be seen easily: Whenever you change from one menu to another, the screen now fades over.

But there are also a lot of other changes. So, for example, the game now contains “maps” and changes regularly between them. Items disappear if they are not collected within a certain time. Also, after you died or the map changed, you cannot move for about 5sec to prevent you from crashing into a wall by accident. Another nice feature is, that the Snakes now move smoothly, which also improves handling.

I want to use this possibility to thank everybody who already tested the game and gave feedback (especially to those who suggested some of the changes now implemented in Natter). And now the most important thing:

A pre-release version of Natter 0.0.2 is available! You can download the game from our download centre. We would be really glad if someone could test this version and give feedback. If you don’t mind, please post directly in this thread, so that we have a central place to collect your suggestions.

Again: Thank you very much in advance and we’ll be waiting for your feedback ;-)


I updated the pre-release version to the newest working state of Natter (an Langadia++). Some bugs have been removed and a lot of things you suggested been integrated (thanks to all who tested the pre-release until now)! The final 0.0.2 release will not differ too much from the current pre-0.0.2-2 release under the hood. However, the Comic Skin will hopefully be finished until then and some more maps will be integrated.

I want again to call everyone to test the game, we heavily rely on testers and their feedback, you know ;-)

The link to the second pre release is the same as posted above. Have a lot of fun!