Well, this was hard, indeed.

After we decided for another CMS we had some real trouble.

What was it?

I do not want to make the other CMS worse than it is. But there were surely some shortcomings. Its really easy way of management and configuration was surprising. But somehow it refused to let us upload images! Or better: It refused to use them correctly ;-) This is everything else than useful as we really need these images for our articles and so on.

And then?

After a short discussion we decided to give Drupal another chance. It has once nearly been chosen but we discarded it - for good reasons. Drupal is not really what you can call a slim peace of software. It provides a huge range of functionality, of course. But the price is, that you need a good system underlying.

However - after the first CMS didn’t seem to be very cooperative, we tried it. And… it works :-D

Yes, although it isn’t the fastest it runs fine. At least after some tweaks - indeed there were again problems while the installation and configuration phase.

And in the future?

As Drupal provides a really huge amount of functionality, we will probably be more productive in the future. During the next days we will have to create the base of the site. This includes for example some basic info for the software we’ll publish for NoManGames.

And also the first real release will be in the near future. So, stay tuned!