Uuuups… you entered or and got carried here? Let us explain…

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Who is NoManGames
NoManGames is – or better: was – a small development team creating small games. The biggest project is surely Legend Wars: The Return of the Shadow. However, NoManGames closed down!

And now?
RPdev – that’s the website where you are now – is, somehow, a successor of NoManGames. RPdev was founded by ex-members of NoManGames. As NoManGames totally closed down, we decided to provide the old NoManGames projects at

I’m searching for an old article…?
We are sorry. The old contents has been deleted. We will provide own content here at the site (hopefully even more then in the past). However, if you demand for a special article, you can ask for it in our forums or write an email to one of our members.

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