Responsible for this website regarding the German TMG and MDStV is

Martin Höher
Torgauer Straße 52
01127 Dresden

martin AT rpdev DOT net


The RPdev website is used to present content that our team has been involved in. This mainly are various games or applications, but also development libraries or also related documentation (e.g. “Tutorials”). Furthermore, this website also is used as a communication platform, where users can provide feedback to our content via comments. Please note, that while we are trying to comply to German law, it might happen that user contributed content might offend certain laws. In such a case, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

In order to provide the described functionality, we store certain contact information (such as e-mail addresses) about our users. This information is used to provide the basic functionality of this offer (such as notifications, password reset and so on). We do not use this information for anything else (e.g. advertising) nor will we provide this information to third parties except where explicitly required by German law.

Protection of Minors

Among other products, we also provide games and make them freely available via our website. While most of our portfolio is also consumable by minors, we will try to explicitly label content which is not as such. Also note that this website might contains user contributed content (via comments) which we only moderate. While we will remove unsuitable content, such comments might be visible for a certain period of time and hence be accessible to minors.

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