Legend Wars: The Return of the Shadow is a 2D, round based, fantasy strategy game. It takes place in a world inhabited by elves, orcs, humans and other races.

Legend Wars: The Return of the Shadow -- Screenshot: First mission
Basic gameplay
After you started a mission you find yourself on a 2D map. On this map you’ll do everything needed to win: Selecting troops, let them move and attack the enemy, take over “cities” of the enemy or neutral ones and ordering new troops.

The level system
In Legend Wars, every troop has an own level. Every troop starts with level 1. Always, when a troop is in a battle and an enemy is destroyed, it gains experience points (EXP). When a troop has enough EXP, it’s level increases by one, resulting in more Health Points (HP) and improved status values.

The status values
Every troop is characterized by a set of values. The probably most important is the HP value. If the HP value goes down to zero (by being attacked by the enemy) the troop is destroyed. But there are also some other important values:
Every troop has an attack and a defence value for close combat and distant attacks. These values influence how much damage a troop can do upon an enemy and also how much HP damage it takes by an enemy’s attack. At last, there are two values determining how far a troop can travel per round (way points per day) and (if it is able to attack from distance) how far away an enemy can be to be attackable.

Legend Wars: The Return of the Shadow -- Screenshot: Story

Other useful infos for strategists
Beneath the core status of a troop, there are also some other points to consider. For example the landscape! On grass or sand your troops can travel very fast, but are also a good target for the enemy. On the other side, in forests or mountains your troops will be slow and spend a lot of their way points; however they’ll take much less damage on enemy’s attacks.
You should also consider the weapon types used by the different troop types. For example footmen are pretty effective against each other, but they’ll be lost if commanded to fight alone against tanks and jets. In Legend Wars there are three types of “effectiveness”: Very Effective, Effective and Not Effective. You’ll see the level of effectiveness either in a troops status popup menu (by moving the cursor right over the troop and holding it there for a second) or by the color of the damage numbers over the attacked troops head.
At last you should consider the current HP value of your troops and their levels. Loosing a troop with a high level is much worse than loosing a troop at level one or two. To rescue a hurt troop, you can redraw it from the front lines and command it to go to a city. Whenever a troop is stationed in a city, it gains 10% of it’s maximal HP per round. So, after 10 days a troop is fully healed. Also, a troop is fully healed whenever it’s level increases.

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