OpenTodoList is a todo manager and note taking application. Organize your todo lists, notes and images into libraries, which are stored locally on your device.

OpenTodoList 2.1 Android


You can find Download links for a variety of platforms on the app’s GitLab Releases page.

Your Data – Your Choice

OpenTodoList 2.1 Todo List Details

OpenTodoList maintains libraries of items. Each library is stored in a dedicated directory locally on your device. That means that you always remain in control about what happens to your data. This makes OpenTodoList well-suited also for sensitive data.

On the other side, being able to access information across devices also is crucial nowadays. While OpenTodoList currently has no built-in synchronization mechanisms, it nevertheless allows you to easily share files across devices: Each library and items inside it is a directory in the local file system. So any tool that can synchronize files between your device and a cloud storage provider can be used to share your data among several devices.

OpenTodoList 2.1 Image Details

Its Open

OpenTodoList is released under the terms of the GNU GPL v3. You can get the sources of the application on GitLab.

Its everywhere

OpenTodoList is built on top of the Qt framework. It can easily be made available on a huge set of devices and operating systems. Currently, there are pre-compiled binaries available for Windows, Linux x86_64 as well as Android. If your device or operating system is not supported, feel free to head over to GitLab, clone the app and try building it yourself.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter any issues with OpenTodoList, please don’t hesitate and report a bug in your issue tracker. That’s the easiest and quickest way to make sure the app gets better with every release.

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  • OpenTodoList 3.3 has been released

    While the previous releases introduced great new features like the built-in WebDAV sync as well as major changes e.g. in the user interface (at least under the hood), v3.3 focuses on stabilizing, further automating the build process of the app as well as some smaller user experience improvements. However, some goodies made it in as ...
  • OpenTodoList 3.2 has been released

    A new release – 3.2 – has just been made available. Changelog This version focuses once more on making the app usable on Android: First of all, on newer releases of Android, login credentials for synchronization are now properly restored when the app starts. Additionally, the search functionality has been refactored as the previous implementation used to ...
  • OpenTodoList 3.1 has been released

    Just a few days after the release v3.0 of the app, here comes another one! Changelog This time, most of the changes relate to the Android port of the app. The most notable change: The Material style is now in use, which better integrates the app into the system. Another change is regarding secure WebDAV: The app now ...
  • OpenTodoList 3.0 has been released

    It has been quite some time, but finally we are there: OpenTodoList 3.0 has been released! Please find the download links links for a variety of platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android) on GitHub. Changelog Version 3.0 is the result of some heavy restructuring under the hood. Most of the changes are not directly visible to the ...
  • OpenTodoList for Windows 64bit – We Need You!

    OpenTodoList on Windows has traditionally been delivered as a 32bit version only. Recently, we started to investigate in an alternative build environment which will be used to create installers for future versions of the app. As a side effect, in the future we will be able to release 64bit versions of the app. If you currently use ...

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