More than a century ago, it was the humans king - Phinneas - who brought peace to the war ridden continent Nas Morte - the continent of fog.

Under his supervision the leaders of orcs, elves and humans met and signed a peace contract: They divided the continent into three pieced - each inhabited by one race. That was the plan - and somehow it worked.

Phinneas - who was from now on called the Wise King - got another name by influential members of the army: The Weak King.

But these times are over now. The dark clouds of war once more begin to cover the lands. The peace - paid with blood and pain - is about to break. A dark force is again about to take reign over this world…

General Mallorn got news about orcs being seen in the Southern Kingdom - the kingdom belonging to the elves. He is very nervous about it - why are the orcs about to break the peace contract signed so long ago? He decides to investigate the case.

In the role of a young officer, you’ll follow General Mallorn. Find out what’s going on and be ready to defend your peoples realm against the dark forces!

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