KI3U is a backup program for the K Desktop Environment (KDE 4). It basically acts as a front end for existing backup solutions, as e.g. rsync. Its main aim is to integrate these backup solutions into KDE.

Download and Installation

KI3U can be downloaded via our Download Centre. Currently, it is available only as source, so you have to build it yourself.


In order to build KI3U, you will need the following software installed:

  • Qt + development packages, Version 4.5 and up
  • KDE-workspace + development packages, version 4.2 and up
  • CMake, version 2.6.2 and up

Build and Install

Just open a terminal window, and do the following:

cd path/to/ki3u/package
tar xf ki3u-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd ki3u-$VERSION
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make && make install

Note, that “make install” will require root privileges. You can also install KI3U into your home:

cd path/to/ki3u/package
tar xf ki3u-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd ki3u-$VERSION
mkdir build && cd build
make && make install

This will install KI3U into the directory kde4 in your home.
Note, that you will need to alter some environment variable in order to make this work flawless. If your are using bash, open the file .bashrc in your home and add these two lines:

export PATH=$HOME/kde4/bin:$PATH


KI3U is a front end for existing backup programs. Currently, these backup solutions are supported:

Note, that KI3U does not aim to provide an abstract way for backing up your data. There are other projects out there, that seek to take away the need to know what you do. If you seek for a rather easy to use tool, check out e.g. Keep or KBackup.

The aim of KI3U is on the other side to provide you an interface to existing (command line) tools and let you change how they work as much as possible (by making as much settings accessible as possible). The obvious downside is, that you maybe have to investigate some time to read about the underlying tool (at last, if you wish to get everything out of it). Nevertheless, KI3U tries to provide default settings that will fit most users needs.

Current Version

The currently available version is 0.0.0. The project is in alpha state! So, use it on your own risk! It is highly recommended to test it on non-sensitive data first, before using it upon important files!

Feedback & Bug Reports

There is a Bug Tracker for KI3U, where you can report bugs, but also file feature requests. Beneath, you can use our forum or write to