The gesturectl tool is a utility which maps trackpad or touchscreen gestures to custom commands. For example, one can map swipe left/right gestures with three or more fingers to a command which changes between virtual desktops. The tool is available on Linux for distributions that use libinput for input handling.


The app is available via a Copr repository for Fedora. If you run a version of Fedora, you should be able to issue the following commands to easily install the app:

# This needs to be executed once to enable the repository:
dnf copr enable mhoeher/multitouch
dnf install gesturectl

Afterwards, just log out and back in. The gesture recognition should now work. Alternatively, you can manually start the gesture controller by running


manually. If you run another distribution, please head over to the app’s GitLab page for detailed instructions on how to build it on your own.


After starting the gesture controller, you can start configuring it to your liking. By default, the tool does not do any mapping at all. Please head over to the project’s GitLab page for details on how to configure gesture mapping.

Reporting Issues

If you find any issues with the application itself, please file a bug on the app’s GitLab page. Please note that gesturectl is just a mapper of gestures recognized by libinput - hence, if libinput does not report certain gestures, gesturectl cannot do anything about it.