The Fedora Multitouch repository provides additional packages for Fedora to extend the built in multi touch capabilities.


Head over to the project’s Copr page. You can find some short installation instructions there. Additionally, you can find installation instructions as well as some information on troubleshooting in our wiki on GitLab. In short, you probably want to run the following commands (as administrator) to enable and install touchegg/touchegg-gce (pre Fedora 25) or libinput-gestures (Fedora 25 and up):

dnf copr enable mhoeher/multitouch

# To install touchegg (up to Fedora 24):
dnf install touchegg-gce

# To install libinput-gestures (starting from Fedora 25):
dnf install libinput-gestures

Reporting Issues

If you find any issues with the packages installed from the fedora-multitouch repository, please feel free to report this in our bug tracker. Keep in mind that we are - in this case - just packaging existing software for Fedora. In case of bugs in the software itself (vs. bugs in the packaged software), we might have to report this against the upstream projects.

Building the RPMs on your own

If you are interested in building the RPM packages on your own, feel free to head over to our GitLab repository and clone the required specs from there. In the project’s README, you will also find some information on how to get started on this.