ArchIO is a library that aims to provide access to several archive formats to applications written in Qt4 and Qt5. It is based upon Qt’s QIODevice API, meaning, it can be used to access files that are stored on your hard disk as well as in-memory files.


ArchIO is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 (or any higher option at your choice). You can access the license text at


Currently, the library is distributed only in source form. You will need to install git as well as the Qt SDK (either Qt4 or Qt5). You can clone the project’s main repository from Afterwards, just build the project.

Currently, no “make install” target is included. That’ll hopefully change in a near future.

Reporting Errors

If you find a problem in ArchIO or want to get a new feature in, just head over to the Bug Tracker and file your report there.