This is 4 the win, a clone of the well known game Tic Tac Toe. It was programmed with Langadia++. That means, that you can play it on Windows and also on UNIX-systems, because of the platform independece in Langadia++.

First things first - a screenshot. The game will look like this:

4 the win is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.. So you can handle the code the way you want - change, re-publish or whatever.


4 the win isn’t perfect yet. But it will never be perfect or stable, if you don’t give Bugreports ;) So please if you test it, and reveal some bugs (and I know there are bugs) please give us feedback. Were also pleased to read some feedback, which does not deal with bugs ;D

If you don’t know how, here are 2 ways to contact us:

  • Registering as a user on and post in our Forum. This is the preferred way to give feedback, as it also enables you to discuss the topic with other members.
  • Writing an e-mail to:


We’re sorry, but the UNIX-Version of 4 the win, will be released soon, so please stay tuned

Anyway there is a downloadable Version for Windows in our Download Centre.

Here is the downloadlink for the game. Extract the Rar-Archive und double-click the “4 the win.bat”. It will start the game and creates a “bugreport.log” this is the data, you have to send us, when you find some bugs or some mysterious behavior.


The Game

Your aim is to be the first one, how creates a line of 4 chips in a row horizontally, verticaly or in a diogonal way. So be smart and of course be faster than your opponent ;)

The Gameplay

The navigation is managed via mouse, whereas the game can be played with the keyboard and the mouse. Press the number of the desired row, or click of the small button, which are placed under every row. If you press Escape, you will be brought back to the Menuscreen.

The AI

There is allready a AI, but it isn’t very clever. I decided to implement a very low level AI for single player, because you need a partner to play. Don’t worry there will be a special AI-update.

The GameModes

The only availabled GameMode is the “Fast Game Mode”, which is the standard game. The next updates will also offer a “Tetris Mode” and a “Sunshine Mode”, which will increase the Joy, playing 4 The Win ;D